Website development and design

A website is so much more than just providing information to your visitors. A website represents your business and the values you have. The design of the website should be something you can be proud to show off, which arouses the feelings of the visitor.

What is a good website?

A good website also allows the visitor to take an action, whether it’s a purchase, a visit to an information tab or the visitor leaving their email. Together with you, we find out what purpose the website should have and how we can develop and design it as best as possible so that you achieve your goals with the website.

Do you want to see our previous work?

See what results some of our customers have received by using a website designed for the visitor to take an action.

Our approach

Through the process, we keep in close contact with you, so you get exactly the result you envisioned.


We take a survey of your business and possible visitors to find out what is good and what can be done better.

Strategy & Planning

In the strategy section, we plan how the user experience can be as good as possible. Here it is found how the website will be developed and designed, and what features will be necessary to achieve the goals you have as a business for your website.

Once the strategy is in place, a sitemap (map) of the website will be created that shows all tabs in the website, and comments on each tab. In this section, we will also send a draft of the home page to you so that you get a picture of how your website might be.

Design & Development

This is where the magic happens. We develop and design the website based on the information we have received from the previous steps. Through this section, we update you regularly so that you can see the result live, and if you want any changes, we’ll do it on an ongoing basis.

Finally, we make the website responsive, which means it looks just as good on mobile and tablet as on a computer screen.


When you are satisfied with the design, we optimize your website. SEO is always in focus so that your website comes higher up on search engines. Some of the most important factors are the speed of the website, keywords and ease of use. We make sure that all these factors + many others, are taken care of.

Final phase & follow-up

Finally, you will get documentation and training on how to leverage your website to its full potential. Through our support platform you will also get good follow-up from one of our employees.

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