Ralph Lawrence Doverte

Stryleder & Marketing Manager

Ralph Lawrence is chairman and marketing manager for Reinforce AS. He makes sure to create unforgettable marketing campaigns for our customers. Ralph Lawrence’s creative abilities come from design, content and digital marketing. 

As a person, he is always motivated to test his limits.

Aron Broek

Managing Director

Aron started as general manager of Reinforce AS in 2019. His strengths consist of programming, marketing and management. Aron is technologically driven to create new innovative solutions that make sure all our customers are satisfied through the work Reinforce performs.

As a person, he is always helpful and has an radiance that infects others with positive energy. Outside of work, Aaron is adventurous, and always looking to learn more by exploring the world. 

Aron has a professional background in data and electronics, and Bachelor in international management.

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